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Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to find a sibling of a node

How to find a sibling of a node
There are many situation when we get difficulties to find the elements which do not have identification/attribute but their immediate siblings has some identification.

In above example if we want to get the text of H1 we can not use //h1 because there are more than one h1 on the page. If you see a and h1 both are siblings and children of div//[@class='title pad_btm15']
By using a sibling element's property we can find out his sibling. In above example we know id of a which is "mainContent" then we can get its sibling



If you have more siblings with no attribute or no unique attribute like below.

then we can use the position us find out exact element using xpath:
Samsung Android Mobile

Nokia Android Mobile :


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