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Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to verify html source in selenium

We can verify the html source with selenium commands

<title>HTML Source</title>
what need to be verifed Text is here we need to verify


verifyTrue(selenium.getHtmlSource().matches("^[\\s\\S]*Text is here[\\s\\S]*$"));

above command will verify Text is here in above html srource

verifyTrue(selenium.getHtmlSource().matches("^[\\s\\S]*Text i here[\\s\\S]*$"));

above command will fail because it tries to verify Text i here which is not there in html source


  1. For Selenium IDE.

    <td>*Text is here*</td>
    <td>*Text i here*</td>

    1. Basic question here, but how do you actually put the above code into IDE? I'm having a hard time getting it to work!

  2. hi Niraj.Do you know how to do white box testing in Junit? If yes,Please tell me how to use verifyForward command.Thanks in advance

  3. Hi Niraj, could you please me on how to verify the following HTML source...

    try { Add('/si/prdview','type=search&prd=NE430,NE431&price=350.00,350.00,12.79&query=exact%3Acoffee%3A&hits=58');
    } catch(err) { /* fail without notification */ }

    From the above source I want to verify whether values 'type,prd,price,query,hits' are present.

    I am using the following code to verify the presence of words once at a time. I want to do it all in one command..

    verifyEval|javascript{storedVars['Source1'].indexOf("type",0) > 0}|true
    verifyEval|javascript{storedVars['Source1'].indexOf("prd",0) > 0}|true

    please reply me asap...thankx.

  4. Hi i found the solution to the above mentioned u go..

    verifyEval|javascript{storedVars['Source1'].indexOf("type",0) > 0 && storedVars['Source1'].indexOf("prd",0) > 0}|true


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